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Executive Management
Science Advisory Board
Patrick Kane
Chief Executive Officer
Saoirse’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for overseeing all management of the company.

Patrick Kane founded the Saoirse Corporation while a student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Under his leadership, the company has enjoyed consistent profitability, matured a first class research environment and advanced the development of novel therapeutics and neurological research tools.
Peter LaCrosse
Vice President, Operations
Saoirse’s Vice President for Operations oversees the company’s Department of Operational Logistics (OPLX), directing support for all company activities, managing sections such as Human Resources, Purchasing, and Security.

Mr. LaCrosse brings 10 years of high level Operations and 15 years of military experience to Saoirse. As Operations Coordinator (OPSCO) for the Defense Attaché in Vienna, he managed the Attaché budget, personnel and materiel resources, and coordinated logistics for American corporations conducting business and forming foreign alliances. In addition, Mr. LaCrosse applied the regulations, directives, and procedures necessary for managing HUMINT (Human Intelligence) collection operations – reading, interpreting, and preparing intelligence information reports, technical reports, electronic communications, and other data. As OPSCO, Mr. LaCrosse served as a principal advisor to the Defense Attaché, encompassing operations and operational support policies and procedures governing matters involving the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), Department of State, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and other relevant agencies, as well as serving as principle advisor to other Attaché personnel and visitors regarding matters of security, protocol, and public affairs

Prior to his OPSCO post, Mr. LaCrosse served as top aide (Aide-de-Camp) to General Abrams, Commander of the 5th Corps (all U.S. Army European Command Combat Troops – Europe, Africa, and part of the Middle East). In this position, Mr. LaCrosse led the coordination of all the General’s activities, from dignitary travel and security, to the management and processing of mission plan and policy.

Additionally, Mr. LaCrosse served as Assistant Operations Officer 4th Battalion 229th Aviation Regiment, Safety Manager and Unit Trainer 2/6 Cavalry Regiment, and is a decorated combat AH-64 (Apache) Helicopter Pilot and Mission Planner – having flown in Central America, South America, and Desert Storm. He began his military service as a Marine, conducting electronics and communication activities as part of a specialized HALO (High Altitude [jump] Low [parachute] Opening) reconnaissance unit (ANGLICO). Mr. LaCrosse holds a Bachelors in Science degree from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.
Shi-Wei Zhang
Vice President, Research & Development
Saoirse’s Vice President for Research & Development (DDRD) manages day-to-day technical operations at the company, ensuring Science and Engineering Departments remain on task and meet short-term milestones as planned.

Dr. Zhang is author of more than thirty peer-reviewed publications and inventor on multiple patents. Fluent in three languages, Dr. Zhang brings exceptional biochemical experience to Saoirse from the perspective of global industrial, academic, and U.S. military application. Most recently, Dr. Zhang worked with Professor Timothy Swager (current Head, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Department of Chemistry) as a Visiting Scholar developing chemosensors for detection of Chemical Warfare agents under United States Department of Defense (DoD) funding. Before coming to MIT, Dr. Zhang was tenured faculty at Osaka University, Japan. At Osaka he supervised graduate thesis work in a variety of fields, including organic synthesis, polymer chemistry, and liquid-crystal material science. Prior to Osaka, Dr. Zhang gained industrial engineering experience at SINOPEC (one of China’s largest petrochemical companies).

A prolific experimental scientist, Dr. Zhang has received numerous awards, including the Highest Scholarship Award (1990), Excellent Young Scientist Award (1993), Young Research Scientist Award (1995 and 1996), and the Excellent Scientist Award (1998; including prize research funding) from Japan’s Ministry of Education, Science, Sports, and Culture. Dr. Zhang received both his PhD in Organometallic Chemistry and Masters Degree in Physical Chemistry from Kyoto University, Japan in 1993.

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